Do I have a religious vocation?

1. Do you want to be close to God?

2. Do you desire to serve humanity and live simply?

3. Do you wish to share life and faith with others who share these dreams?

If you answered “Yes!” to two of the above three questions, then there is a very high chance that you have a religious vocation. Many people think having a religious vocation means you are asked to do something you don't like. That is not the way God works. God invites us to be the best person we can be and sometimes we don't know it is to be a priest, brother, or sister!

There are three other signs of having a religious vocation.

1. I have a desire to be a sister. (You think the idea is neat!)

2. My desire is sincere. (It is not because you are afraid of paying the bills, relationships, job-searching, etc that you want to join the sisterhood)

3. I have normal physical, mental, and emotional fitness. (Part of religious life is service. Do I have the capability to serve? This does not mean you need a high IQ nor be an Olympics competitor!)

The best way to know if you have a religious vocation is to

1. Ask God to enlighten your mind and your heart.

2. Keep on learning about the “what” of religious life.

3. Talk to a religious sister!

I would like to leave you with a quote:

“If you are what you should be, then you will set the world on fire ."

This came from a woman who had not chance for formal education and yet became one of the biggest influences on our Roman Catholic Church in the 14 th century. She is Catherine of Siena.

May you be who you were meant to be!

From the desk of: Sr. Janine Van, CMR

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